My Story: I Have Cancer…And I’m OK.

WARNING:  This is my story of working through a horrifying disease.  My story.  That means I deal with it my way.  Sometimes that’s being weepy over that cheesy scene in “Independence Day” where Crazy Quaid martyrs himself by flying into the alien laser gun and screaming “UP YOOOOOOOURS!” and other times it means gallows humor.  … Continue reading My Story: I Have Cancer…And I’m OK.

Radio: “For the Love.”

I'd like to ask you to take a moment and read this article: It doesn't just hit close to home, it wounds. The last conversation covered in the article hurts - from both sides.  I've returned to desolated studios that have erased entire professional legacies in a matter of hours only to be faced … Continue reading Radio: “For the Love.”

The 3rd Annual Hawaii Pseudo-nami!

My TV is broken again.  I shall write! Every time I go to my apartment building's elevator, I look over to the building across the street.  Nice big windows into big apartments - great for bored voyeurism.  There are a few really nice looking units in what otherwise looks like a pretty crap place, but … Continue reading The 3rd Annual Hawaii Pseudo-nami!

A Momentary Breather…

After a week of rushing around and playing “catch up” (which still isn’t over), I think I have a moment to recap.  As my TV is currently broken and I can’t catch up on any of my DVR’d shows (if I don’t watch NCIS, who will?), I should really be productive and write. A week … Continue reading A Momentary Breather…

Bruce Campbell and Friends…and Knives and Chainsaws and Zombies.

Bruce Campbell wants to do a sequel-ish flick to "My Name is Bruce" that would be like a horror movie version of "The Expendables"?!  WIN. Is it weird to just want to see Robert Englund eat beef jerky throughout the film? Sure, I developed my nigh-embarrassing mancrush on Bruce Campbell thanks to the Evil Dead trilogy … Continue reading Bruce Campbell and Friends…and Knives and Chainsaws and Zombies.

From the Green Lantern Movie: Kilowog!

Check out the image has just leaked of GL's greatest drill sergeant: KILOWOG! CLICK HERE, POOZER! Geoff Johns has been posting about celebrating in New Orleans now that the live-action sequences have all wrapped and it looks like we're in the home stretch as fans for seeing image leaks for sets/characters.  Considering the CGI … Continue reading From the Green Lantern Movie: Kilowog!