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  1. Larkin Vain says:

    Awesome. Looking for to reading your reports!

  2. Andrew McColl says:

    Have you got a short list of the seminars you hope to attend? Looks like a pretty good lineup this year, even if the Doctor Who team can’t make it.

    I’ll be hovering around YouTube all weekend myself waiting for people to post interviews, panels, and the occasional sneaky trailer.

    1. imakereality says:

      I’m looking to hit up the ones I loved from last year: Futurama and Family Guy being the big ones. Then, a few of the comics writer panels look really good (and rumors of the free sway totally helps)!

      1. Andrew McColl says:

        Mmm… free swag.

        Sadly, that was very thin on the ground at GenCon last year. Even the door bags were meh.

        As for Comic-Con, any chance of doing some on-the-spot interviews for LXG while you’re there? Might be the easy way to get some famous people on the show.

      2. imakereality says:

        I’ll try, but my mobile recording devices aren’t that great. I’ll have to Macgyver something.

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