SDCC 2010 Day One!

SIDENOTE: This blog post took forever to set up.


Day One of the San Diego Comic-Con is done and I’m dead tired!  It was almost productive and totally fun.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, let me back up.

Thanks to a ton of old Hawaiian Miles sitting in my account, I was actually able to fly out here First Class (totally recommended).

The only down side to the experience is that my departure gate was located on the other side of the damn moon and I had walked all the way there before finding out about the Wiki-Wiki shuttle and a mythical Shangra La known as the “First Class Lounge.”  This inconvenience was quickly forgotten with the help of several mamosas before we even taxied out.

The food was great, too, they feed you three tiny meal dishes instead of one vaccuum-sealed can of dogfood.

After getting to San Diego, I waited for my shuttle and saw this; had to share:

So, late start Thursday morning.  I’m also using this vacation to see my mom since she won’t be able to get out to Honolulu for our birthdays later this year.  To celebrate, we did breakfast right at Richard Walker’s Pancake House.  Believe it or not, NO LINE!

Heading in, you’re greated with the giant promo piece for The Hub, an new kid’s network, who’s flagship property (since it’s a Hasbro thing) is none other than Transformers.

When I hit the main floor, I immediately see Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba signing at the Dark Horse booth with no line! In my mad dash to find a book by them to get signed, they had already left.  CURSES! Foiled again.

I decide to not make this mistake again, so when I see Kenneth Rocafort is signing at Top Cow’s booth, I quickly by a Con-exclusive version of Velocity #1 and get in line.  I was told that I could cut to the front of the line for a signature, but I held out for a sketch.  After an hour and a half, I was told that sketches could only be received if I had a sketch ticket that was passed out earlier that day.  CURSES! Foiled again.  Fortunately, I did get a signature from Rocafort and Marz, as well as Howard and Ottley on Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark.

Up next, a print purchase from another of my favorite artists, Mr. Ben Templesmith, who oozes the charisma and style that guarantees he gets the type of girls I’d be in to.

Cruised the floor for the rest of the day and eventually went to the Podcasting Panel.  I liked seeing all these people I’ve spent so much time listening to, but would love to pick their brains on some of the ideas behind the medium (this actually didn’t seem like the right atmosphere considering they types of questions being discussed).

Rounded out the day having my first real Mexican dinner in I-don’t-know-how-many years.

I wanted to hit up the iFanboy party at House of Blues, but when I got back to the hotel to rest, I ended up, as they say in the biz, knocked the fuck out, only to wake up around 11.  Drinks at the hotel bar will have to do.
See you on the floor tomorrow, cheers!
P.S. Make sure to get a sketch ticket.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob Welsh says:

    Awesome Stuff Haz Matt! and thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a great time and… especially… not thinking about this place! All is well.

  2. Larkin Vain says:

    Sounds like you are having a blast. Don’t forget the cosplayers! Yes you can be the creepy guy that takes pictures of underage girls. 😛

  3. CannotCope says:

    Try not to step on a pop top or come home with a new tattoo of a Mexican cutie.

    Oh, and San Diego is home of such amazing signage as the freeway sign that says: “Cruise Ships take next exit”

    How a cruise ship is going to fit under that overpass I will never know…

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