Annual Update?


Been awhile!  Here’s some bullet points on what’s been going on in the past year of silence from this site.  I’m sure I’ll be expanding on them at some point, but let’s hit the highlight reel for now:

  1. Got fired from my radio job and am still job hunting for something new.  I have so much to say about it that it might call for it’s own blog.
  2. Kept my geeky podcast (The League of eXtraordinary Geeks) on a semi-regular posting schedule and we’ve just hit 127 episodes!
  3. Have been quietly building a larger online presence that’s still on the crest of being debuted.
  4. Continuing to try and not overly self-destruct my health.  Hitting the gym regularly and you’ll hear more of this soon…

So just a quick update, A LOT more on the way (how often have I posted that), so thank you for stopping by and hope you’ll come back!


The next of many,


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