A Momentary Breather…

After a week of rushing around and playing “catch up” (which still isn’t over), I think I have a moment to recap.  As my TV is currently broken and I can’t catch up on any of my DVR’d shows (if I don’t watch NCIS, who will?), I should really be productive and write.

A week ago today was the Extra Life Gaming Marathon.  This thing I’ve been spamming across Facebook, Twitter, my radio show, here, and just generally being annoying about it.

Turns out, that’s the key to raising money.

I was originally given the goal of $2,500 to raise for the Children’s Miracle Network and Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.  For a largely unemployed guy like myself, I might as well be raising eleventy billiony dollars.  But it’s a good cause that I believe in, so I wanted to do something.  I took a tour through the KMCWC, which I’m guessing is the right acronym as it in no way flows off the tongue, and got to see exactly where the money went.  They have an ER that sees over 35,000 people a year, an ICU giving babies no bigger than a liter of water a fighting chance at survival, and a long-term care unit for kids who suddenly find themselves fighting monsters too big to stay hidden under the bed.  I can’t even wrap my head around what the trials and triumphs of these families feels like.  My own experience with childhood emergencies pale in comparison.

When I was born, I was told that there were complications because the umbilical cord had wrapped around my neck and a C-section was necessary.  I used to joke that I had the cord wrapped around my neck because I knew what was out here waiting for me.  I don’t know if I think that’s funny anymore.  However, as a C-section baby, I’m still holding on to the fact that I could kill Macbeth.  No man born of woman could harm him and a C-section baby (Macduff) was the one to do the deed.  Nerd alert.

So seeing as how I was born on October 21st and the Gaming Marathon was the 20th, I felt like this was my chance to help some kids get something I have the luxury of enjoying – a birthday.

The day started at Dave and Buster’s, where my radio cluster (the group of radio stations collectively owned by Ohana Broadcasting) sold discounted Power Cards with partial proceeds going to the charity.  By the end of the event, we’d sold over 200 cards and could already count things as successful.  This is when my event began over at the Ward Warehouse.  People started showing up immediately with their donation confirmations and some even gave at the event.  We quickly were able to organize areas for the 40K tourney, the Fantasy battle, and the Warmahordes event with some room to spare for several board games and video games should they show later in the day.  The Festival of Nerds was on!

Nice shirts, guys!

My Mountain King model has been a blast to play in a Grim list, so I was looking forward to the Warmahordes modified event that we were going to play where you played the person across from you, then once a warcaster/warlock died, you could redirect your remaining forces into a neighboring battle with allies based on where you sat.  I had to move around quite a bit during the day to play ambassador, but I still got a game in with my Trolls against Terry using a Cryx force.  Actually, it was Joel’s Cryx force, but as Terry showed up at the last minute and Joel was willing to focus on demoing games as a PG, Terry took over, quickly annihilated me, then proceeds to walk his Kracken and Asphyxious 3 across the board to clean up other opponents and win the day.  At least I lost to the winner?  He now wants to be known as Litch Lord Terry.  From what I can figure, it’s a brand of cheese.

Meat for the machine.

My friend Nate, who works over at KHON, even sent down a camera crew to film an interview with me and get some footage for the news.  Unfortunately, we got bumped by real news, but all good as we got the closing shaka sign off they’re known for as well as getting our website linked to their page.

Some of my PC gamer friends from SuperGeeks showed up and I played a PC FPS for the first time ever.  I’ve never been a fan of them before, but apparently that’s because I haven’t played on a decent system (or “rig” as they awesomely referred to) before.  Hawaii Video Game League also showed up and brought out some classic NES and SNES consoles with a XBOX360.  I played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time for about an hour.  Probably the longest since the game came out.  It was awesome and I got my thumb callus back.

Leo, hoverboarding and kicking ass while shouting “cowabunga!” I miss you 80’s and 90’s.

I finished off the event by playing some Evil Baby Orphanage from Wyrd.  Our resident henchman, known on the LXG Podcast as “li’l Matt,” printed up the cards from his Kickstarter backing and we had some fun.  You collect the most evil people in history as babies and try to rehabilitate them.  Baby Unibomber won’t sit still and Baby Fidel Castro is just useless.  Definitely worth a play once it hits mass distribution.

Vlad the Impaler. Adorable.

There was more, a LOT more, but I’d like to get to the best news.  After all was said and done, this little event I set up ended up with $2,322!  That’s amazing and I thank each and every person who contributed to make it such a success.  Donations are still being accepted, but I’m not going to force it on anyone anymore, I’m thinking.  This is all after it was thrown together (by my estimations) rather last-minute.  Not on a national level, mind you, I mean on my personal level.  I should have started sooner and I already have spoken to people who want to help make next year even bigger and better.  Challenge accepted!

As for my actual birthday, it turns out I spent so much time trying to organize the Extra Life event that I really didn’t plan or set anything up.  One day of relative quiet and now back to the insanity of job hunting, part-timing, and trying to freelance!

The next of many,


When geeks play games, it always looks like homework.
For a good cause, we break out the nice terrain.
Hate zombies. Love Zombicide. Play it.
Pig-eyed sonovabitch.

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  1. Andrew says:

    That looks like a great event! Might have to see if I can organise something similar down here. Sadly, most of our charity marathons are actual marathons, and there’s no way I’m taking part in one of those.

    PS. I was also ‘not of woman born’, though not for a lack of trying apparently.

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