What People Say

Matt Wells is a good guy. Take a gander at his work history and credentials then consider when you hire Matt, you can feel confident in your choice. He has a solid work ethic, works and plays well with others and can make like McGyver in many production and creative situations. In my years working with him as our Production Director for Clear Channel Honolulu, he was the cat who smoothed out issues, if any came up within the department. He would work on keeping the lines of communication copacetic between Sales, Promotions, Traffic and Programming and made those within those departments know he was taking their issue(s) seriously. Some people make like they care. Matt really does. Really good guy.

Kathy w/a K
– On-Air Personality, KSSK

Matthew managed the busiest department in our group, fielding production and sales requests in large mass each day. Despite the tremendous workload, Matthew was always in good spirits and had a firm grasp of his position and the tasks presented to him. There were many times where, I was overwhelmed and he stepped in to offer a hand. It was great working with him, and I know he’ll be an asset to any company looking for a hard working team member.

Maleko McDonnell
– TV Broadcaster and Podcaster, KITV

Matthew Wells was a great Production Director. Able to multi-task with efficiency, produce under pressure, meet daily deadlines, and contribute creativity and humor, Matthew handled any assignment dutifully. He was always willing to assist those in need and was the go-to production guru to remedy any unexpected obstacles on-air or behind the scenes. Working with Matt made for some of my most memorable experiences at Clear Channel—his amiable personality and focused work ethic would make him a great addition to any company.

Shannon Fujimoto
– Creative Servicens Manater, NMG Network

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